Monday, September 17, 2012

The final Countdown!!!

 My mission has brought me to crazy lows. Emotional ones I never thought I was capable of. I've always been real careful of who I let in. Doctor house's famous quote "Everybody Lies" has never felt more real.  But I know what to hope for. I know who my friends are. I know who to rely on. I know God lives. I know my Savior lives. The atonement is incredible and he will never forget us. I know me better than I ever have. I know how to trust in whats real. Life got a lot more complicated out here but at the same time so much more simple. I was dead serious when I wrote my email two weeks ago. I may be rough around the edges but I am enlisted, and I'll stand for the title of liberty. I fight. Not because I hate whats in front of me. but because I love whats behind me. That has been my mission. and it forever will be. Satan has personally cut me deep and I've never wanted more to knock him upside the head. double jab, straight. this is my house. kinda deal. My faith has grown. I have learned to recongnize the spirit at the most random times. I needed this. Every young man in God's eternal kingdom needs this. The armor of God does not cover our backs. It's meant for battle. we cannot turn away.

I dont really have a clean shirt. but im not looking to go home all clean and pressed. I'll wear these worn things till i'm done. I can't really tell the luggage stuff now. but i'll look into it. also the activities. I'll finallize it.

Our trip probably wont get approved...but i got a once in a lifetime chance yesterday. I'll tell you guys about that later. :)

I love you guys. I'll see ya'll soon. My camera is full so please bring the macbook and my external hardrive.


Monday, September 3, 2012


Well this week was a good one. mostly because we got to move. Our new house is way legit. I really like it. I've got more space, and a bigger bed. too bad its only mine for the next couple of weeks.  I'm kinda in a weird stage. I woke up the other day with "Kings and queens" by 30 seconds to mars stuck in my head and it carried me through the day. Yesterday I woke up early and I went and sat on the couch and just reflected. I picked up Elder Mafi's guitar and played it a bit. I don't know if I coulda learned all I learned out here with out coming. I've learned so many great facets of life. Before the mission i used to get stressed out and I'd always worry. I'm a lot different now. I look at life differently. I dont think i told you guys, but I ditched the linguistics idea. I'm back on the doctor trip but this time I believe this is it. We'll see how we go. My mission has taught me that the people are what make it all worth it. I've made some great friendships out here. If a place is only as good as the people, this place is good. I've also done a lot of thinking about the places i've gone, the things ive done. Both good and bad. Everything has shaped my character and more likely prepared me for the future. I thought about all those trips with stewart and aaron erick and dillon. about college, skydiving, grade school, family vacations. Life's good. It's fun. sometimes you screw up but everytime you fall you're only making your chin strong. Chris blaser wrote me a story last week. I'm going to include it....." I just read something about a marathon runner who finished an hour later than everybody, because he got an injury half waythrough the race... people wondered why he even finished when he had no chance of winning. He said 'my country didn't send me here to start a race, but to finish'"....ain't that the truth. we're here to finish. Obviously there is a better path and an ideal and excellent way, but some walk a different path, not always by they're own choosing. most importantly we make it through. we triumph, we regulate, we conquer. I've met many people out here who walk through hell. This gospel is true and can pull us out of the deepest holes. You gotta pick yourself off the floor, and although you feel you can't take no more, remember what you're here for. This one goes out to all those I've come to love. from America, to Kosrae, to Europe, to Spain, back to Chuuk, around Guam and currently holding it down in Saipan. God loves you, satan hates you. This world is a fight, and we've gotta go home. Stick with me, i've got your back, and imma take you there. "What we do in life, echo's through eternity." much love ya'll keep holdin it down.
-Elder Lapeyrouse

"until the referee rings the bell, until both your eyes start to swell, until the crowd goes home...what we gonna do ya'll?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The home stretch!

hey guys, how's it going? I didn't think I needed to elaborate on last week. It was just a week full of really good hopes that all fell through. Seemed like the more I tried the more it fell apart type thing. This past week though, this past week was good. It started off super strong with Monday and Tuesday. We were shooting for a 30 lesson week. we lost momentum in the middle and picked it up at the end. It feels good to have stuff work out. Slow weeks are more heavy the closer you get to going home. We've got some good new investigators coming out of the work though. I'm excited. and this past week we had a really good heart to heart lesson with Two guys, chuukese, Jay and YJ. 19 and 17 respectively. two brothers. No addictions, but they've done stupid things. Jay is actually almost exactly like me. Just I grew up in the gospel and he didn't. these guys are like brothers to me and I've been working with them since I got here. We just barely picked up YJ last week and that was the push Jay needed. They both accepted baptisimal dates. I'm way excited. Thats the highlight of my week. I'm just working on puttin out these last two months. They're kinda bittersweet. I don't want to leave Saipan. But I'm super excited for my post mission life. I've made such good friendships with this ward. One of the youth richard who comes with us all the time is moving to idaho next year with a family in the ward. before he goes on his mission. He's yapese but he's got dreams and he'll make them happen. I told him he could fly into uah cause it'd be cheeper and him and I would rode trip up to idaho seeing some other people along the way. Yes bring me some clothes. and the puppies are way cute. Thanks for nameing Maui Maui. I thikn the name fits. I guess he's my replacment yah? Aight guys, take care. I love you guys. shoots. -Elder Lapeyrouse

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plain and Simple Truths!!!

 Ive got a pretty cool story today. It was actually from over a week ago but I forgot to write it. Yesterday though it was fast and testimony meeting I felt prompted to share it and it was really awesome.
Last week I got to go on an exchange with Elder Mafi so that I could do a baptisimal interview. While I was there we had an appointment with a man from Thailand. An older guy probably in his 50's that didn't speak very much English. As I was turning in my papers to go on my mission I was nervous that I would be called to a place where I would have to teach the gospel to people who didn't have a christian background. Not that I was afraid of teaching people who God and Jesus Christ were, but that I wasn't sure how to explain these two important figures in our lives and their role in our lives to people who had never heard of sure doctrine. Before the lesson the other night I said, "Elder Mafi, I've never taught someone like this before." He was like "We'll get it, or try to" We were supposed to teach about baptism, but as we sat down, Elder Mafi leaned over and whispered that we would teach about Who Jesus Christ was. I've come to love my Gospel Art Book on my mission and I use it in teaching all the time because people learn better when they can see it. I pulled out the Gospel art book hoping it would help and opened to the first page, A picture of the Savior. Elder Mafi looked at the man then pointed to the picture and said "This, this Jesus Christ. This man name Jesus Christ" The man nodded. "Jesus Christ, big power this guy. Big power." Elder Mafi then pointed to the picture of the Earth and the Universe that was right next to it. "He make this. He make Earth. He make stars. The dogs. You and me." "big power this guy." Flip a couple pages and there's the Saviors birth, a couple more and there he is teaching, calling his apostles, giving them Priesthood Authority, performing miracles, healing and helping the sick, suffering in the Garden of Gethsemene, hanging on the cross, and rising from the dead. In sentences no bigger than about 5 words, using words no bigger than 5 or so letters, we sat there and page by page highlighted and illustrated the important aspects and characteristics of our Savior. Near the end I felt prompted to turn to one of my favorite pictures in the book. A picture or The Savior holding the lost lamb. I opened it and layed it on the table, withdrew my hands and we waited. He picked it up and brought it close because his eyes aren't so good. He pointed at the lamb and said "This one, sick. This one hurt. Need help." Elder Mafi touched the lamb and said "This one, you. You, sick, you hurt. You need help." The Spirit filled the room and we just sat there I in complete awe at the feeling. The outside world disappeared and in probably the most touching moment on my mission this man who had never heard of Jesus Christ before raised his hand and lightly touched the savior as he quietly said. "he help us."  I fought back tears as I found myself, An American boy from North Carolina, on this itty bitty island of Saipan, teaching with a guy from Hawaii, the essential and simple truths of our Savior and Redeemer to a man from Thailand who didn't really speak English, And in his little room/appt. This man, through the Spirit discovered the simplest, coolest, and essential aspect of the Gospel. He died for us. He suffered for us. He perfectly knows each and everyone one of us. Our trials, our concerns, our afflictions. Our burdens, our pains, our guilt and our sorrow. Perfectly. Jesus Christ The Son of God IS our Savior and Redeemer. He helps us. He guides us. He knows the way out and he lovingly does all he can and did for us. All of us.
"You or I in a moment of weakness may cry out. 'No one understands. No one knows.' No human being, perhaps, knows. But the Son of God Perfectly knows and understands, for he felt and bore our burdens before we ever did. And because he paid the ultimate price and bore that burden, he has perfect empathy and can extend to us his arm of mercy in so many phases or our life. He can reach out, touch, succor -literally run to us- and strengthen us" -Elder David A. Bednar
I haven't been able to watch conference yet this year but I do remember a talk by Jeffery R. Holland in an April conference some years ago in which he spoke about the Savior and His selfless acts in a talk entitled None Were With Him. I want to quote Elder Holland as he says "May we stand by Jesus Christ at all times, in all things, and in all places that we may be in, even until death...For surely that is how he stood by us. When it was unto death, and when he had to stand completely and utterly alone. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm not gonna lie...I felt kinda studly!!!

Hey everybody hows the week been?
 We had a pretty good week here. We had two baptisms this past Saturday. well actually 3. the other Elders had one as well. I'd like to send you guys a picture but this computer place is pretty lame and keeps all its gear behind a screen. I got the camera. Its way nice. I didn't expect that kind of one. It takes really good pictures, and it has 14x zoom, thats way far! It tracks my GPS location so thats a little crazy. This past week I had a pretty cool moment. We stopped by to see a family that is Marshellese and the first person I talked to was Kosraean.  It took a couple of cranks but I got the motor rolling and talking to him.  I then turned around and spoke Chuukese with their neighbors. I had everybody in a loop with that one. To finish it off I used the few lines of Marshellese that Elder Rufus had taught me. This had em all going, and I'm not going to lie, I felt kinda studly. I really don't know what to do for the car. What are the prices? I really don't want a Corolla. I've been kinda fed up with Corollas and Yaris' since on my mission. I want something that I can do a little more with. That Grand Cherokee looks nice. Is it automatic or standard? Whats their track record? How well do they hold? We'll continue to talk. I've been thinking lately that I'll probably finish my mission here in Saipan. That would be cool. I hope I don't move around much more. 4 islands is enough. well I love you guys!  Hit me up!
-Elder Lapeyrouse

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 22, 2012

So Saipan.....Man I love filipino food. So my song I hear now is one I hear on all the car stereos and stores. Something about hearts and stereos. Man music is crazy, I've got a lot of catching up to do. This past week, The AP's Elder Johnson (go Chuuk) and Elder Carlson came to visit. We also had a zone conference with Elder Ringwood. Basically, it was a really good week. We have some really good investigators. Two of which are getting baptized this weekend. I got the box with the ab roller and the gyro ball. I hope I get the camera today. I really want to start taking some pictures. Things are going really good with Elder Roko! I really like him a lot.  I've enjoyed every companion a lot so far. I'm really blessed. The other night when the Ap's were here we went on a split. Elder Johnson with me and Elder carlson With Elder Roko. We went a taught our baptisimal dates while Roko and Carlson went to see a new guy. He fell through so Elder Roko went to a LA's house. While there they saw a girl sitting all on her own watching TV. They invited her over and taught the Restoration. she felt the spirit a lot and really got into it. Yesterday we saw her again and taught the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong. She accepted the Baptisimal date without hesitation. At the beggining of the lesson the member was not really into it. he was stressed and wanted to get other things done. But after we finished he bore his testimony of the spirit. How it had calmed him and helped him relax. He talked about his life before when he was Catholic and didn't feel it. And how he felt when he prayed about the book of Mormon. Lets just say, I'm excited for the 26th of May. She's a 17 year old named Jasmine. Filipina. I'm looking forward to getting the box with the pictures. I can't wait to see what you all look like. I love you all, and I talk to you in a bit. -Elder Lapeyrouse

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey guys! hafa adai from Saipan!
I must say, I didn't quite expect this transfer. I am now in Saipan with Elder Rokodakunivosa. He's from Fiji. The best thing about him, he has a culinary degree. I was really sad to leave Chuuk but maybe I'll go back. I was able to get one baptism in before I left Chuuk though. While I was with the Zone leaders I Kept getting a call from the Uman Branch President. He said that one of our investigators was ready for baptism. So Elder Jones, Elder Valinotti and I went out to Uman over one weekend to see. It turned out that he was super prepared. I was a little shocked because this guy would avoid us while we were on Uman. Regardless, he got baptized and it was a sweet experience. However Saturday night we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that Elder Jones was going to Guam on Tuesday for the orientation meeting. He's training in Tonoas. So I went with Elder Valinotti on Tonoas till wed. On Wed Elder Butler called and said he was sending the boat out so I could go to Uman and get the rest of my stuff. I took that as I wasn't going back. Sure enough I got the call the next night that I was coming to Saipan. Its way cool so far. Not as built up as guam is but it has everything I could want. And it's quiet. Thats the best part. I got here and Had to do a Baptisimal interview the next day. The sisters' investigator. She was well prepared and The baptism went well. The ward here is really awesome. I've already got some good friends. I hope to make more. 
-love Elder Lapeyrouse